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Custom AFO Bracing

For more complex ankle deformities requiring extra stability, Foot & Ankle Surgeons of Oklahoma offers a range of custom AFO braces. Patients who have experienced significant trauma to the foot or ankle, or who are not yet surgery candidates can find relief from AFOs. These braces are designed to help control the motion of the ankle joint and provide additional support for the foot.

We work directly with Mile High AFO to provide a range of options to suit your individual needs. These unique braces are custom-fitted to your foot and ankle, so they “hug” your ankle comfortably. This allows better fit in shoes than most braces. All AFOs, however, require a stable lace-up shoe. Shoes must be purchased after the brace is fitted, not before.

How the process works:

During your appointment, we’ll take a mold of your foot and ankle in the office and send it out to our lab. Once there, technicians will customize your orthotic to the exact size, shape and deformity. The turnaround time for custom AFO bracing is approximately 4 weeks.

When we receive your AFO brace, we’ll welcome you back to the office for a custom fit appointment. If for any reason your brace does not fit properly, we’ll be able to modify it within 30 days.

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